J. Mike Ross, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Life Coach
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Fees and Insurance

I accept self-pay and some insurance plans as cited below. Payment is due when the service is provided. I accept cash, check, credit cards (Master Charge, Visa, Discover, American Express), debit cards, and Flexible Health Plan or Health Savings Account cards where these may be processed like a credit card. A standard session length is 45-50 minutes among all mental health professionals (my initial session is slightly longer at 55 minutes).

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The fees in the table below are usual and customary. If using insurance, you may pay less according to your insurance benefits plan.

  First Session   $160, 55 minute session
  Individual Counseling - Continuing sessions   $120, per 50 minute session
  Couples or Family Counseling - Continuing sessions   $140, per 50 minute session
  Convenience Fee for sessions 5:00PM or later   $15, per session
  Extended Length session   Prorated basis based on above fees

Insurance - In Network Beneftis
Currently, I am happy to accpet Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna insurance. Sorry, I do not accept HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or EAP (Employee Assistance Program) plans. If you are not sure what type of plan you may have, please feel free to call me at 512-983-1120.

My expert insurance prfessionals will strive to obtain optimal use of your insurance benefits in obtaining services from me. This service is no cost to you where they check your insurance benefits to determine the amount of your copay, coinsurance, deductible (if applicable) and any preauthorizations which may be required. I also file claims for your in network benefit plans, cited above.

Insurance - Out of Network Benefits
I can provide service to clients who have out of network benefits (i.e., if you do not have Blue Cross Blue Shield or Aetna insurace). Your cost may be as little as $10 more for seeing an out of network provider and more commonly your costs may be 40% compared to 20% (which would be a $24 difference for individual counseling). Using your out of network benefits enables you to choose any provider. If considering out of network benefits, you can use my insurance service, ctied above to determine your benefits or you may consult your insurance comapny for the provisions of your plan to determine your actual costs. For out of network benefits, you would pay my standard fee at the time of the service and your insurance company would reimburse you according to the benetifs of your plan.

Occasionally, I am able to also file your claims as an out of network provider on your behalf. Otherwise, I can provide a detailed statement which meets insurance companies requirements so that you can submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement according to the benefits of your plan.

Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling and Insurance:
Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not cover couples or marriage counseling. Thus, I encourage you to contact your insurance company to determine if you have this benefit. For those plans that do cover it, typically "Insurance Requires a Mental Health Diagnosis" (see below). If you do not have couples/marriage counseling benefit then you can see any mental health professional of your choice because you will be paying for that service without assistance from your insurance plan.

Insurance Requires a Mental Health Diagnosis.
Most insurance plans only provide benefits for conditions that meet the criteria for "medical necessity" which requires the client to have a mental health diagonosis. Common diagnoses my include disorders such as the following Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Adjustment Reaction, brief depressive reaction. Although having a mental health diagnosis may not be a concern for many individuals it is important to realize that any diagnosis becomes a part of your medical record and could have an adverse affect on obtaining future medical coverage, life insurance, disability benefits, and for some career opportunities.

Use of Insurance requires disclosure of your Personal Health Information.
When insurance is used they require that I provide your personal health information so they may monitor, review and authorize services that I may provide for you. I attempt to limit the information that I provide; however, ultimately I do not have control over how information is used once it is released. The insurance companies do have guidelines they must meet in protecting your information as provided in HIPAA and other laws.
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Frequently asked questions:
How do I start counselng with Dr. Ross?
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Why does the first session cost more?
This is common among most mental health professionals. As part of the first session additional time is spent outside of session time to establish your file, evaluate information collected, review asssessments when applicable, and to intiate a treatment plan.

Why does couples counseling cost more than individual counseling?
Couples counseling is more complex because two individuals and their interactions are involved in the counseling process. More time outside of the session is involved in the assessment and treatment planning. For couples counseling, I provide a rather thorough assessment (by providing partners an opportunity to complete a set of questionnaires). This ultimately reduces the number of sessions that may be needed (this saves you money) and enables me to target interventions which are most likely to be effective in improving your relationship (this enables quicker progress).